Top 3 Lessons You Can Learn from Having Book Lovers as Friends

Reading is good for the mind and soul. I say this not because I am a book lover myself but also because I have seen for myself how some of my book-loving friends, colleagues, and students have become very knowledgeable, mature, and successful in their respective undertakings.

Do you read a lot? Good job! Let me give you a virtual pat on the back. If you do not like reading books but somehow, you have found yourself reading this piece, then I would like to commend you for having a curious mind. Also, let me give you a good news: it is never too late to start developing your love for books and reading.

I will not talk about the benefits of reading in terms of science, like how it affects your brain and your well-being. Rather, I will take a philosophical approach to inspire you to read and make time for this worthwhile activity.

To inspire you to read more, let me share with you the top lessons you can gain from interacting with your book-loving friends. For sure, you have at least that one friend who cannot live without his or her books.

Books can effectively kill boredom

Stuck in traffic? Waiting for someone or something and it already feels like forever? Yes, your mobile devices can keep you company, but nothing beats the feeling of flipping through pages of a book, immersing yourself in a story that takes you to places and into the minds of its interesting characters and plot.

When you have a book in your bag, on the shelf, or anywhere within easy reach, you know you will never be bored.

You learn a new word every day

Updating your vocabulary is a breeze if you make reading a habit. Need I say more?

You can view things from another perspective

And when you broaden your perspective, you get to develop your ability to empathize even with people whose opinions and viewpoints differ from yours.

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